Great Writers Series: Build

~~ Romans 8:28 (NIV84) ~~  And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

by Carley Cooper

It’s day eight of the 15 Habits of Great Writers challenge.  Just to recap for those new to this series, so far the habits we’ve talked about are: Declare, Believe, Initiate, Practice, Prepare, Steal and Start Ugly.  The eight habit of great writers our challenge host, Jeff Goins, tells us is to ‘Build’.    

I read the challenge for today in the daily email about the Great Writers challenge.  It said:
The challenge 
So let’s build something. You don’t need to start another project you’ll never finish. You already probably have enough of those. Instead,
I want you to do something truly creative:  I want you to finish something. Anything, really. Just pick a project — an essay, a blog post, maybe even a book — and finish it. Not tomorrow. Today.
So, my lesson for today is a little more light-hearted than the others.  I was writing something for my other blog, Tin Roof Sundae, with some humor in it, which is generally the mood I like to have for that site.  So, here is the piece I was working on in my spare time this week.  Ahhh, in case you missed it that would be joke number one here!  Spare time?!  Someone please message me with the definition of that.  Anyway, I finished building it.  I hope you enjoy it.

  1. Animal – (from the Muppets) ‘cause he’s just that cool!
  2. My Future Publisher – Hey, I gotta keep the faith going!
  3. My Next Doggie – Life is just not the same without daily canine kisses and a waggly tail greeting me at the door. I’m already thinking about names. Whatta ya think about ‘Joey’?  Cute, huh?!
  4. The Person Who Can Explain Men – On second thought, never mind.  That would require a saint.  I’m thinking that saints aren’t overly great in numbers these days.  It might be too hard to find one. Then again, God is in the miracle business.  Maybe if I pray...
  5. The Wire-Hanger Ferry – I know you exist.  I keep taking all the wire hangers from my closets and dumping them; yet I open a closet door and voila!  There’s another one.  Dude, you’re fired.  Your services are no longer needed!
  6. The Guy Who Can End Telemarketing Calls – FYI for telemarketers; when I say “No” and you keep talking and you’re saying anything other than “Good bye”, you just shot any chance of making a sale!  
  7. Tigger – I want Tigger to come and live with me (As a single Christian woman, it would have to be strictly platonic though!)  I need the constant positive energy.  He’s just too  happy and too bouncy not to love!
  8. Idea Supplier – the Dude that has an endless supply of super-duper over-the-top awesome ideas for writing about... just for me and no one else!  Hey... God said to dream big and pray big!  So I am!  LOL
  9. My Future Husband – I know you’re worth the wait, but would you please hurry up and get here.  I really, really need you.
  10. Jesus - I know You’re worth the wait, but would You please hurry up and get here.  I really, really need You.

~~ Dear God ~~  Thank You for all the people you have brought into my life, and for all the ways that you have used them for me, and used me for them; even when it doesn’t seem to be happy.  I know all things happen for a reason, which will bring me blessings and show Your glory.  In Jesus name, AMEN.

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