Great Writers Series: Declutter

~~ Psalm 51:10 (NAS) ~~  Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.

by Carley Cooper

It’s day Eleven of the 15 Habits of Great Writers challenge.  This is the second post today for this challenge series.  I found myself a little busy yesterday.  So now I’m playing catch up!  Just to recap for those new to this series, so far the habits we’ve talked about are: Declare, Believe, Initiate, Practice, Prepare, Steal, Start Ugly, Build, Connect, and Share Others Work

The eleventh habit of great writers our challenge host, Jeff Goins, tells us is to Declutter.  OK, seriously, on this thought, I think I’m ready to go do something way more exciting.  Anything’s gotta be more fun than cleaning up.  Reorganizing the cutlery drawer, or the book shelf; or watching my African Violet bloom.  Of course, since my African Violet hasn’t bloomed in the few years that I’ve had it, maybe I should stick with one of the other options. 

The challenge for today is:
  • Clean up our workspace – literally.  File papers, wash dishes, feed the dog, close Facebook.  Make the space comfy with no distractions.    
  • Clean up our writing – Cut out all the unnecessary wordage!  If it’s not needed, it’s a waste of paper, ink, my time, and yours!
So, I went through some past blogs and came up with one that I could cut down in size.  The original post was called The Truth.  MS Word tells me the original word count was 434 words.  The challenge was to cut down an article so it says what it needs to say without all the extra fluff.  Here is the revised edition of The TruthNew word count 253
Ever wonder, if what you know for certain, really is the truth?  Is your own judgement the foundation for your beliefs?  You know you can trust that because…?  It is only by being outside of your experience that you can see if deception exists.

I have Bipolar and Major Depressive Disorders.  I refuse to bend to the stigma in the world any longer.  Patients with cancer or diabetes are not judged for their diseases.  They may be experiencing any number of emotions, but shame is not one of them.  None of us chose to have these conditions.  Mental illness is the result of chemical imbalances generally.  It is not a choice, sin, crime, weakness or character flaw.
My worst episodes cause so much confusion that I do not trust my reality.  It is a terrifying place to be, especially when you feel alone in the world.  This misperception appears as true as the trees around me, and I argue it is genuine.  Only after the incident is over can I see reality, and that people do love me.

A newspaper I saw with the mission of telling the ‘Truth’, publishes only anti-Christian articles,, and proudly supports sinful living.  Where is the evidence for their truth?  Mine is based on God’s solid Word.  Even through all my confusion I have never doubted Jesus as The Truth.  He said “I am the way and the truth and the life.  No one comes to the Father except through me.”  I wonder who’s reality is more clouded?
It always amazes me at how much God brings to me exactly what I need, when I need it.  I’ve been concerned about this for a while, in regards to doing rewrites on my book.  Being too wordy that is.  Right now, as I write I keep thinking “No one will read this.  It’s way too big.”  I’ve prayed for more education and guidance.  Voila!  Right on cue, He gives me this, and some leads on some free writing courses.  God is good!

So friends, I’d love some feedback on the new updated version.  Whatta ya think? 

Oh, on a side note, if anyone has any tips and advice on growing African Violets, please leave me a comment!  While I’m on this topic, I have a Spider Plant that’s looking a little worse for wear too! 

~~ Dear God ~~  If I could list out and say Thank You for each thing that You have given me exactly when I needed it, I would spend the rest of my life reading the list and saying “Thank You”’s.  Thank You, Father, for each and every item.  Help me to develop the disciplines I need to continue on this path of writing.  Thank You for Jeff Goins and this challenge that he’s hosting for almost 1200 writers.  Please let each writer grow through this journey.  I pray that You will guide all the challenge participants, in our writing projects.  I pray that each piece can be used to further Your Kingdom.  Oh, and if it’s not too much trouble, could you please help those of us whose thumbs aren’t so ‘green’ to keep our houseplants alive and well.  In Jesus name, AMEN.

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