Great Writers Series: Brand

~~ 1 John 3:10 (NIV1984) ~~  This is how we know who the children of God are and who the children of the devil are: Anyone who does not do what is right is not a child of God; nor is anyone who does not love his brother.   

by Carley Cooper

We’re working on habit number fourteen in the 15 Habits of Great Writers challenge.  Just to recap for those new to this series, so far the habits we’ve talked about are: Declare, Believe, Initiate, Practice, Prepare, Steal, Start Ugly, Build, Connect, Share Others Work, Declutter, Provoke, and Publish.  The next habit of great writers, our challenge host, Jeff Goins, tells us is to Brand.      

Yep, it’s just what it sounds like.  Great writers make a brand name out of their name (or business or blog name).  It means having a logo, business cards, social media profiles, promotional materials; all consistent in colors, graphics, photos, and fonts as any other business would be.  It’s not always that cut and dried though.  It seems that everyone has a brand already.  Did you know you had a brand?!  Me ether.  It’s all about first impressions.  Accurate or not, no matter how long or short the meeting, people walk away from you with some sort of mental image about you that sticks with them.   What kind of impression do you want to leave with others?  Do you care?  You should no matter who the other person is, what your relationship, or your feelings about them; you should want to leave them with a good feeling about you.  A first impression can only be created once, and leaving a bad one can come back to haunt you in the future.     

There is another key reason why a first impression is so important.  Even with the greatest blog title, professional name, website design; it’s all useless if I don’t present myself a positive light.  As a child of the living God, the image that I am creating is about showing the world I am His child first and foremost.  The image that the world should see in me first and foremost is the image of Jesus.  There’s no better branding than that! 

~~ Dear God ~~  Please let me always do what is right by Your will.  Let me show love to everyone I meet, whether it is in person or online.  Let each of them see the image of Jesus in me.  In Jesus name, AMEN.

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