The Big Trophy

~~Mark 8:36 ~~ What good is it for a man to gain the whole world, yet forfeit his soul?


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The excitement in the air was thick enough that it could barely be contained.  The big game was about to happen.  It was the most exciting thing since... well, since last year’s big season-ending game!  Both sides being sure that they would be the ones blessed to carry the big trophy.  Who would get to bring home Lord Stanley’s big cup?  

I may be the only one, but I did not watch the game; and I had no intention of watching.  Maybe I am not a hockey fan?  Truth is I do not know if I am.  There has not been anyone who sat with me to explain the game to me so my interest has not had a chance to grow.  I live alone.  This may be a female perspective, but I see no point in watching alone.  I would certainly be open to watching a game if I were with someone I love; which, I think is the point for many people.

Well, it is the morning after the big game.  The big cup got to stay ‘over there’... across the border in the US.  There are many that seem to be rather upset with this outcome.  I have not seen any TV coverage about the reaction of the fans.  I just know that it is nasty to say the least with riots happening.  I do not watch much television.  Even without seeing the game, or seeing any news coverage; it is impossible to miss the frenzy of the fans on the losing side.  It is everywhere.  People are talking about it; emailing, texting, blogging, posting in on social websites.  

Sometimes I wonder where people’s priorities lay.  This is a game.  It is not life altering.  People are not supposed to be hurt, die, nor have their lives transformed because of the outcome.  It is entertainment.

Jesus told us a story about two men who built houses.  One built his house on a rock with a firm foundation.  The other built his house upon the earth without a firm foundation.  The moment nasty weather hit, the house with the firm foundation stayed put, but the house without a firm foundation was wiped out and lost.  (Luke6:46-49).  

The hockey fans, it seems to me, are much like this man without a firm foundation on his home.  Where do their priorities lay?  Why should losing a game alter their lives?  If it does not, then why the violent reaction?  How does this outcome alter their ability to spend eternity in heaven with Jesus?  The ‘storm’ hit and their lives seem ruined.
For those who are on the losing side, why destroy your own city because your team did not win?  What does this accomplish?  People need to follow the lead of Jesus and think about others; think about what is truly important.  Does losing this game compare to what those who have had to watch a loved battle cancer for over a decade go through?  Does it compare with those who have lost their children to diseases like Cystic Fibrosis?  Does it compare with those who cannot walk?  Does it compare with the pain of seeing a loved one throw away their life because they are addicted to crack?  Does it compare with the pain of seeing loved ones who are lost to the Lord and have no hope of going to heaven if they do not find Jesus?  Does it compare with the pain of watching a loved one be accused of a crime he did not commit?  Does it compare with the pain of going through mental illness, or watching loved ones battle with these problems?  These are all things that have touched my life in one way or another.   No trophy will finally cure my Aunt’s cancer, or help my friend walk properly, or rid my friend of his crack addiction, or rid my friend of the false crime accusations; or bring back my first boyfriend who died of a terrible lung disease at the tender age of 14.  The fans have filled their hearts with hatred... for what?  Who has gained from all this?  As one dear friend pointed out this morning “Come tomorrow, it will be quite lucrative to be a Vancouver-based lawyer.
For those on the winning side, what have they gained... really and truly gained?  Bragging rights?  From my experience, the novelty of bragging wears off in a hurry!  Money?  That has a tendency to disappear quite fast as well.  Jesus said it best, as only He can, “What good is it for a man to gain the whole world, yet forfeit his soul?” (Mark 8:36).

~~Dear God~~ Please do not let the priorities in my heart be anything outside of Your will for me.  Change my heart to suit Your Will.  Each time a ‘big game’ happens for me, and I happen to be on the losing side; please help me be thankful that I was able to play and have fun.  Teach me to shake hands and say “Thanks for a great game.  It was fun.  Congratulations on winning the Big Trophy”.  In Jesus name, AMEN. 

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