What if You Had 30 Days Left to Live?

James 4:14 (NIV)~~Why, you do not even know what will happen tomorrow. What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.

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If you had 30 days left to live, how would you spend your time?  On the thirty-first day you know you will die, what legacy would you want to leave this world? 

How Would You Live Your Last 30 Days?

This question was proposed recently in two different forums that I take part in online.  I’ve been thinking a lot about this whole idea since then.  How would I really live my last days?  Honestly, my very first thought was “I don’t want to die as a single person.  I would ask my ex-bf (and BFF) if he would marry me, so I wouldn’t have to die alone.”  Not that my friends and family wouldn’t be there, I know they would; but it’s not the same as having your spouse hold your hand.  My other thoughts went to “I want to see Italy”, “I need to find good homes for my pets”, and “I’d stop thinking and worrying about a falling out that happened years ago causing someone I love to hate me.”

Then, I read the responses that so many other people wrote.  I think it shows just where people’s hearts are to read some of the answers.  Some said they would write letters or make DVD’s to leave their family, or travel.  Others said they would spend more time with their loved ones, at church, or reading the Word. 

Since it was a Christian forum most said they would want to spread the gospel to more people.  Of course, as a Christian that’s the right answer.  But if this idea was a reality in our life, would we really do that?  Or, would we be focused on something else like getting married and seeing Italy? 

There are No Promises Made

The truth is, we are not told how long we have on this earth.  We are not promised a certain amount of time.  We should be living each and every day like it’s our last one.  So many of us think we are already living a life where we share the Good News of Jesus as much as we can.  But do we really?  If these were the last days of your life would you / could you find more opportunities to share? 

Every day of our lives should be spent telling God how much we love Him, and telling others how my He loves them.  That’s not to say we shouldn’t focus on our family and friends, because indeed we should.  Telling them how much we love them and, even more importantly, showing them; and praying for them are also important things. 

We Need to Make Our Days Count

We need to act, every day, like it’s our last day because we do not know when our last day will be.  We need to focus more on making each day count as much as it can be.  So stop to think each morning when you wake up and plan what you can do today to make it matter.  What would be the most important thing you could do?  Would it be about Jesus and your family?  Would you continue to care about some of the things you believe today are important?  What can you do to make a difference today?  What would you change?  What would you do to impress Jesus and depress the enemy?  The countdown starts now… make it count!

Let’s Pray

Dear God ~~ Wonderful, loving, ever-faithful Father; You have blessed us with life here on earth.  We so often forget to thank You for that.  Thank You for the Good News about Jesus.  Please help me to live each and every day focused on Jesus, like I will get to meet Him face to face tomorrow.  I pray in Jesus name, AMEN

Now It’s Your Turn

Thoughts?  Questions?  Want to share your story?  Ask for prayer? Please share in the comments section.

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  1. Wow that's a very tough question, good food for the thought!

    1. Thanks. Since I ran across this myself in a chat forum, it's had me thinking. Thanks for the feedback. I very much appreciate it. Hug

  2. Carlry your post hit right between the eyes this morning. That's because I was in the midst of figuring out which book to focus on next. Thank you,, This would be a great blog post, follow me to connecting to the soul and I will finish my thought. But gotta say here you really have a way of opening my eyes,, Thank you,,, And thank God


    1. Thank you so much Debi. I'll look forward to reading your post about this. I'm so glad I inspired you! Blessings and Hugs :-)

    2. Cynthia / JustBreatheFebruary 21, 2014

      Thanks Carley. A lot of food for thought!

    3. Thanks Cynthia. Thank you for reading and the reply. I appreciate it so much. I hope you were blessed by it. HUGS