Cheesecake? I would Love Some!

~~ 1 Corinthians 10:13 (NIV84) ~~   “No temptation has seized you except what is common to man. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can stand up under it.”

by Carley Cooper

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Cheesecake with Fruit Filling
Ever notice how some things in life seem to be a ‘given’?  I mean there really is no decision to be made in some situations.  You just know what you want without even thinking about whether it is right or wrong; good or bad for you.  I was planning a huge party once.  I was at the caterer’s office with the person who was planning this ‘shin-dig’ with me.  We discussed the menu particulars and decided that roasted chicken would be the main entre, with potatoes and vegetables.  After we finalized the details of the appetizers and dinner, the next item on the list was dessert.  The lady told us that our choices were apple pie with ice cream or cheesecake.  My partner and I both looked at each other for what must have been a whole... 3 seconds.  We did not say a single word to each other, and then we both looked at the woman across the table from us and we said in unison ‘cheesecake’.  It was just a given.  There was no choice to be made for either of us.  Why would anyone ever want to turn down cheesecake? 

If there is any one dessert to be served to us one day in heaven, I have no doubt that it is cheesecake (with raspberry filling and drizzled with chocolate)!  OK, so that triggers the next thought.  If this incredible morsel is so absolutely heavenly than why is it sinfully delicious?!  Isn’t that a contradiction?  Could it be that cheesecake is just one of my weakest temptations?  Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference between something really awesome and God-sent, and something that is a temptation from the enemy.  Appeal is the part that makes temptations so tempting.  If it was not for the appeal, it would not have any hold on us.  Whether you are a new Christian or someone who is very well ‘seasoned’, you will always have struggles with temptations in your life.  It is a guarantee that Satan will always use our weakest points, and in our weakest moments, to dangle that proverbial ‘big carrot’ in front of us.  Of course; ‘carrots’, for the average person are not tempting.  That is why the enemy chooses something equivalent to chocolate or cheesecake that is almost impossible for us to walk away from.  Then he will whisper in your ear “Just one time will not change your whole life”; or “No one will know, we just won’t tell anyone.”, “What’s the big deal, it’s not like anyone will get hurt”.

When we succumb to temptation then we have sinned against God.  The good news, though, is that temptation in itself is not a sin.  It is when we make the decision to willingly reach out and take that dangling chocolate we are committing a sin.  How are we to handle it when we are looking at temptations straight in the face?  Well, first we have to recognize that what we are looking at is a sin.  Anything that goes against the Word of God is a sin.  The Bible tells us that God will never allow us to be exposed to a temptation that we are unable to carry ourselves.  It also says that He will always provide a way out.  (1 Corinthians 10:13 NIV84)  Therefore, when we sin it is always because we freely chose self-gratification over God.  How do we turn away from temptation?  First, we need to pray about it.  Ask God to lift this burden if it is in His will to do so, or for help to get through it.  (Psalm 55:22 NIV84)  Next, know God’s Word; as it is the best weapon we have at our disposal to fight with.  (Hebrews 4:12 NIV84)  It will guide us on what to do to get around the temptation and it will help us win the battle.  Also, praise God and thank Him for the struggle (Ephesians 5:20 NIV84) because He uses all things for our own good, and to show His awesome grace and mercy (Romans 8:28 NIV84).  Finally, for the extra reinforcement we need accountability.  If you do not have an accountability partner, you need to have one.  This is someone to whom you are accountable that will help you stay on the ‘straight and narrow’.  (James 5:16 NIV84)  For the times when we do reach out and take that ‘chocolate’ treat being offered to us; we are to confess, repent, and ask His forgiveness... ASAP! 

Are there little things in your life that have the potential to lead to big temptations?  Telling ourselves “Just one piece of cake cannot hurt that much” in a state of weakness can lead to gluttony.  If food is your weakness, you must recognize it and be strong enough to say “No thanks” the next time someone offers you that extra treat.  Just like saying “We are just chatting and flirting online.  We are not hurting anyone” in a state of weakness can lead to adultery or sex outside marriage.  If the opposite sex is your weakness, than you need to restrict yourself from situations that may be too much for you to handle.  Or, maybe you look at your neighbour and think “I wish I had a house and a car like Jimmy”.  This is envy.  Next time you see someone with ‘better’ or more of something than you, count your blessings.  No matter how much, or little, you have; there are those who have less than you do.  Maybe, despite Jimmy’s ‘wonderful’ life; he is ‘up to his ears’ in debt, or he may be so lonely that he cries himself to sleep every night.  The list of temptations is endless.  What are yours?  What is God asking you to do to head them off?

Just like my friend and I cannot resist cheesecake; I know there are things that you feel are irresistible as well.  Turn to Jesus and ask Him to help.  Do not listen to those lies by the enemy.  Someone will indeed get hurt... you!  Someone does know... God!  He has already given us a way out of our struggle.  We just have to listen to what He is telling us and follow Him.

I have been thinking.  Cheesecake really should be a food group all on its own!  I wonder if Canada’s Food Guide takes suggestions for future adjustments.   

~~ Dear God ~~  I thank You for the path that You are leading me on; for the struggles that I battle with.  They are the things that are helping me build my strength and my faith that are helping me to become more like Jesus.  Please help me to always hear your voice and Your instructions when I am battling with temptations.  Thank You for the options that You give me that help me avoid taking that extra piece of cheesecake or chocolate in my weakest moments.  With each and every lie that the enemy whispers in my ear help me to remember the appropriate scripture verse from Your Word that will him.  Thank You, Father, for the wonderful grace and mercy that You have given me, that I do not deserve.  In Jesus name, AMEN.


  1. If you can stop at one that shows growth!

  2. NDTEACHER1 - Thank you so much for the feedback. I really, really love that thought. I just may be quoting you on that sometime. You are so right! Hugs

  3. depending on how it's made. and if you can only eat one piece.

  4. HICKOK-HALEYSeptember 29, 2011

    Well done. I too love Raspberry Cheesecake. We will have to have dessert together someday. Small peace of course :)

  5. MYBULLDOGS - I just had another comment that said "If you can stop at one that shows growth!". It is so true. It could be a mini-goal to shoot for. Just one... then restraint and self-control as larger goals. Personally, if there's anything I have a hard time resisting, it's cheesecake! lol Thanks for the feedback. Hugs.

  6. HICKOK-HALEY - You are so right... one day, but I think more like big PEACE with a small PIECE. God uses all for our own good & to show His grace & mercy. Thanks so very much for the comments. hugs.

  7. CHRIMSONFYRESeptember 29, 2011

    thank you for sharing

  8. Thanks CHRIMSONFYRE for reading. I so very much appreciate it. Hugs.

  9. Great. Thank you.

  10. MZLZZY, THROOPER62 & SHOAPIE... thank you so very much loyal readers. You all inspire me to keep writing. Thanks. Hugs.

  11. Good blog!
    I actually had a question for my pastor today.
    "Is it wrong for a christian woman to go to a Halloween party at the casino without her husband?"
    He kind of laughed and said "this is not really a rhetorical question is it?"
    Anyway, the answer he gave me is kind of on the same page as what you are talking about.
    I think that if i had enough doubt about it that i had to ask my pastor, maybe i already knew the answer.
    I think Satan baited me when i saw this in the paper and in my mind i saw -it would be SO MUCH FUN!
    Fun is missing in my life right now because my husband is in his electrical company 150% all the time. But,I think I would be opening something bad if I went so i decided not to go.
    My pastor did not tell me not to go,but he did make me think of why i would want to go and maybe down the road i would want to go to something else,and maybe meet someone fun,and,down the road be in trouble.
    Temptation is everywhere and is often disguised,so we have to be very vigilant.
    One piece won't ruin everything,but it's what comes after.
    Have a good week!

  12. SPARKLISE - Thank you so very much for sharing that story. I'm happy that my message kinda reinforced the advice from your pastor. Our pastor has told us that when you see something in more than one place than you know God is trying to tell you something. I'm happy that I could be part of that for you. It helps me to feel my purpose. You are right... temptation is indeed everywhere. It's what we do with it that matters. Thanks so much for the continued reading. I appreciate it so very much. Hugs.

  13. I feel your pain. How about a tiny nibble? But what does that lead to? Hmmm...

  14. TERESASLACK - Tiny nibbles? Of Cheesecake?! I'm not sure I can relate those two together! LOL It's all about self control. God wants us to have it for a reason. I am hoping that I am learning this lesson well, though some days I'm not sure God sees it that way. lol Thanks for the feedback. Hugs.

  15. JRSMITH775 - Thank you for the comment, and thank you so very much for the continued reading. I so very much appreciate it. Hugs.

  16. SWAYDE - I feel the same way. I hope that I never have to give up cheesecake completely. A little treat now and then is good for the soul I think. It is when we go to far and turn it into gluttony that we are making a mistake. Thanks for the feedback. I so very much appreciate it. Hugs.

  17. I love cheesecake. I won't eat it every day, and I'll only eat 1/2 slice or even less at a time when I do get it, but there's no way I could possibly give it up and never have it again =)

  18. SWAYDE - I feel the same way. I hope the day never comes when I have to give up cheesecake completely. A little treat now and then is good for the soul I think. It is when we get selfish and turn it into gluttony that we are sinning. God wants us to learn self-control. It is so important for us to learn that. Thanks so much for the feedback. I so very much appreciate it. Hugs.

  19. DIXIEDOODLEDEANSeptember 29, 2011

    SO true. I pray and believed for a healing of joints. While I wait for the instant miracle I am also learning to discipline the tools that will help me walk, like losing weight. No, I have not had the success that my neighbors here at spark have had, but I'm learning discipline, portion control, healthy eating vs feeling fed, and so much more that will be useful to me after I've reduced the scales.
    God is good ALL THE TIME

  20. DIXIEDOODLEDEAN - We are all each on our own journey for different reasons. Your SparkPeople experience might be just to learn those things you mentioned, like discipline. It could be that your weight loss will come once He sees that you can handle smaller tasks that He gives you, and that you can be obedient. That's often when we get bigger things coming our way. God is indeed so good ALL THE TIME! Hugs.

  21. YELLOWDAHLIASeptember 29, 2011

    I adore cheesecake (and just about anything else that has sugar in it!).

    I think it's okay to indulge sometimes- for me I allow myself one day a week (and vacations, holidays and birthdays) to do that.

    I know my limitations- if a whole cheesecake were to walk through the front door I would eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner until it was gone(in one day?), if cheesecake was my "craving of the week" then I would go to the bakery and buy one slice on my "cheat" day.

    Bottom line is:
    A little temptation won't hurt you, but a lot of temptation will-LoL

  22. YELLOWDAHLIA - I think a little treat now and then is good for us; good for the soul. It is when we get selfish and use it for the wrong reasons that things start to go nuts. Temptation in itself I don't think is the issue... it's what we do with it that matters. It is about making the right choices even when we want so very much to make the wrong ones; which often appeal to us more. Thank you so very much for the feed back. I so very much appreciate it. Hugs.