Wanna go for a Tin Roof Sundae?

Photo by M. Cooper
I have had another blog for about 3 years now where I write about all sorts of things.  It is one that is shared with my healthy living / weight loss community.  I get very good response from it among the members there.  As a matter of fact, just recently, I was voted, by other members, to be a Motivational Member.  It is very exciting for me.  I am so very honored by this and the overwhelming support that they give me.  It is this support that inspires me to keep writing.

I so very much enjoy writing and sharing with these people.  However, it is rather limited. I wanted a place I can write about other things that are not necessarily devotional messages, yet be a more public forum.  So, I have launched another blog website.  I view it like it is bits and bites of fun and curious things that you might find in an ice cream sundae!  I hope that you will just want to dig in and see what the next spoonful will hold for you.

The new blog site is called Tin Roof Sundae.  You can also sign up to follow by email on that site, as you can here on Worship Melodies.  Pleaseeee.... leave me some comments.  The feedback is very motivational for me. 

So grab some sprinkles, your chocolate sauce and a spoon; we're about to have some fun together!

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