Success Story: 'I Was Made for More!'

An article has been published about me in the dailySpark (the official blog of my healthy living program). I am a success story. This means my pics & story can be used in other places in the media. Also note, that my 'Before' pic... is not at my biggest weight. I didn't have a pic of me at my biggest.

By: : 12/11/2012


Meet Carley Cooper (username SPARKYCARLEY), a SparkPeople member who pledged to heal her body so she could heal her mind. Read on to learn about her inspirational journey! 

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  1. I was so glad to see you featured here. You're truly an inspiration! Keep overcoming the obstacles that come your way and stay in His Grip! Hug, hug -- (ejoy) Evelyn

    1. Thank you Evelyn. I can't begin to say how humbled I feel when people say those things to me. I've been hearing it a lot lately. Many blessings to you. HUGS