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~~ 2 Timothy 3:16-17 ~~ All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.   

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When I was 18 years old, suddenly one day I had an attack of pain in my lower right side that was so bad I could not even hold myself up without support.  I was home from college for the weekend when it happened.  My parents got me to the local medical clinic; and the doctors told me the list of possibilities that could be the cause of my pain.  There was some doubt about the diagnosis due to some complications from other health issues.  After a long battery of tests, the end result was that I needed surgery... immediately, to get to the bottom of what was happening to me!  They put me in an ambulance and rushed me to one of the big hospitals in the city, about an hour away, where I went straight into surgery.  It turned out that my problem was not one of the more serious possibilities.  I had a very large cyst on my right ovary.  The medical team drained 2 cups of fluid from this cyst.  Though the surgery did not cure the problem or stop the ovarian cysts from returning, it did help to rid me of the pain for the moment. 

I was very thankful that day that we have access to such wonderful medical care.  In North America we are overwhelmingly blessed to have such resources.  There are hospitals with emergency rooms in every city.  Even small towns have clinics providing medical care for just about every health issue.  Help and information is available at our finger tips.  Doctor’s offices, hospitals, surgeries, therapies, fire departments, ambulances, police services, poison control, mental health services; and so much more, are available to every citizen, right down to our pets just by dialling the phone.  We are blessed.

That is quite a list of services that are provided to us; and in Canada we are even further blessed to have access to all these things free of charge!  However, do me a favour and go back and look at that list of services.  Did you notice that there is something missing?  Physical and mental health services are only two thirds of the services we need.  There is also a vital need for spiritual care.  I believe that we cannot adjust or function appropriately without it.  We get to dial a phone number to get access to those other services; but who do we dial to get the help we need for our spiritual health?  Yes, of course, we have our pastors; and I love my pastors more than I can say for the help they give me, but there are limits to what they can do.  The only One that can help you in every situation, no matter what your condition, is Jesus. 

Whether you are a new Christian or a “well seasoned” one, sometimes we all need to hear God’s voice so much that we wish we could call Him on the phone.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could just call God’s office when you need to talk to Him just the way you can call your doctor or 911?  You could just ask Him yourself what you need to know.  Imagine… He’d never be too busy to take your calls; you would never get His voice mail; you would never get a pushy secretary trying to keep you from using up too much of His time.  Then, once you get Him on the other end of the line, you can talk forever and He will ever get tired of listening!  He will never rush you saying “I have another appointment to get to”. 

Well, God does provide this kind of help to us.  It starts by reading His Word in the Bible, on a daily basis.  I often find myself picking up my bible looking for answers, but as someone who still feels “rather new” in the Christian world I am not always sure where to look to find the answers I need.  I do know, though; that the answers are there, because God’s Word provides us with all that we need to sustain us.  (Deuteronomy 8:3, Matthew 4:4, Luke 4:4).  God’s personal phone number is not 911 but all the numbers you need to contact Him are in His ‘phone directory’.

Here are a few numbers I found during my searching for answers.  (Though, variations of list can be found in different places on the internet; I have a larger list on the ‘Topic Index’ page of this site that I have compiled over time.  Please keep checking back as I do intend on adding to it as time goes on.)  When:

So next time you need some help with your spiritual health, just call God.  Listen to His voice.  You can and will hear it.  The best part is that you can call direct, there will be no long distance charges, you will not get a cranky operator, all lines are open 24/7, and the most exciting part is that you will not get a computer operated menu (Woo Hoo... praise God, for that!)!

~~ Dear God ~~  Whether  I am in a spiritual emergency or if I just need a check up; please always let my first action be to turn to Your ‘White Pages Directory’, the Bible, for access to the help and the prescription that I need.  Thank You for being there for me; and for loving me so much that you saved my life when I was dying by sacrificing Your Son, Jesus.  In His name, AMEN.


  1. bigdad1211August 10, 2011

    Thanks for the numbers!! i loved them!

  2. Thanks for posting this it was good

  3. Thank you bigdad1211 & 1groves2... You are so welcome. My goal is to help people feel blessed and to get closer to God.

  4. I am winningAugust 11, 2011

    I sure did enjoy reading your blog. The list is so handy to print out and keep in your Bible or post somewhere prominent.

  5. Thank you so much for the feedback. I needed to hear something positive right now. There's more on the page called Topic Index to add to that list.